Nicki Minaj for KING by Sarah Mccolgan

December 28, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro

Here is a first look at my cover shoot with Nicki Minaj for King magazine. This cover is extra special for me because, not only do I love the team at King, but I shot the last cover with Keyshia Cole before the magazine folded in the summer of 2009. And, as sad as it was to see another magazine go out of print, I am even more excited to see them come back.

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143 Comments to “Nicki Minaj for KING by Sarah Mccolgan”

  1. Maj' says:

    Really really nice job Sarah !!

  2. ken m says:

    Great look for her

  3. T.Rae says:

    Wow, Sarah is amazeballs!

  4. David Wu says:


  5. Dennis Aviles says:


  6. Derek Johnson says:

    fell in love

  7. Logan says:

    100 comments i hoep i win?

  8. Lamar Gaston says:

    Shit is slammin!!!

  9. ken m says:

    Talented eye and look

  10. Maj' says:

    Dope shit as always !!

  11. Glenn G says:

    blows ya mind!

  12. ken m says:

    Great eye

  13. Andy Young says:

    Her verse on Monster was DOPE!

  14. Jacky Lxf says:

    Sarah took the shot of a murderer look!

  15. ARI MARCUS says:

    ITS SICK !!!

  16. Jacky Lxf says:

    I love this!! Sarah knows how to make a great shot!

  17. Rob says:

    Sarah did an amazing job!

  18. nicholas says:


  19. Andy says:

    sick shot. congrats.

  20. I love her outfit!!! And I love how Sarah just caught those eyes… Those eyes just suck me in!! Great shot!

  21. natalie says:

    yay sarah and maestro

  22. Kaze456 says:


  23. greedydreamer says:


  24. Fakeelbow says:

    Some day I’ll shoot girls for covers. Sweet pictures!

  25. Cameron Stallings says:

    Loving the contrast. They really made those legs look smooth damn.

  26. Jbo says:

    She is talented… Sarah, niki coo too

  27. C.M. Sanchez says:

    Dope! 1st King I might buy.

  28. malikalhasan says:

    great photo

  29. Demetrius says:


  30. Chad Gibson says:


  31. Malik A. says:

    great photo. sarah snapped

  32. jeffrey bogeess says:

    i love the new content… really like the cover, want to see more of Sarah’s dope work

  33. natalie says:

    Who won…when will he announce

  34. Sterling says:

    It is a very nice design. The colors flow perfectly and Nicki Stands out as usual.

  35. jeffrey bogeess says:

    im feeling the lighting of this as well

  36. The arch1tect says:


  37. justin b says:

    I dont like it i think its too revealing, she isnt little kim.

  38. TheAarowe says:

    Nice nice nice

  39. Zeikekh says:


  40. […] theory you will have to wait for for when a repository hits stands. [UPDATE: The cover was shot by Sarah McColgan. Thanks, […]

  41. Chino says:

    Sarah’s photo work always look clean and fresh!!! Banging cover!

  42. highly photoshopped but i’m sure the original was dope!

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